​Additional services:

To facilitate our clients' investment and cost optimization, we offer additional services such as:

  • concrete supply with a concrete mixer,
  • the possibility of adding special admixtures depending on atmospheric conditions, e.g.
  • admixtures that accelerate the binding (during winter),
  • admixtures that delay binding (during the summer and during elevated temperatures),
  • watertight additives,
  • expansive admixtures (increasing the volume of concrete)
  • concrete pumping (12mb-53mb pumps),
  • rental of a paver (type - spider) for concrete pumping,
  • rental of an additional pipeline for concrete pumping,
  • heating concrete mix in winter,
  • lease of a mortar container

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Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood company realizes high quality standards for the standard of concrete production marked with the EN 206 mark. Our company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We are a company with many years of experience. We use innovative solutions in production, which allows us to use competitive prices.

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