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Delivery of products that meet the requirements of customers,
Understanding the needs and expectations of other interested parties,
Compliance with legal and other requirements including industry standards to which our company is required to comply,
Minimizing environmental pollution: air, water and soil, minimizing the amount of waste generated and resources consumed,
Rational management of natural resources and infrastructure and improvement of the energy result,

Implementation of new technologies that increase production efficiency, improve environmental impact and energy performance,
Constantly improving the Integrated Management System.

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Our team will adapt the order to your requirements. The order will be made in accordance with the BS EN 206 standard.

The wide range of products allows easy adaptation to the needs of the recipient, while maintaining the requirements of existing standards and high quality. Our mixes are characterized by very good compactability and high early load capacity, which allows quick transition to the next stage of construction. Attractive prices and the aforementioned properties of our mixtures guarantee optimization of construction costs and no problems when receiving the investment. Choose Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood

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Our Ready Mix Concrete is suitable for:

Choose the concrete to be used
When selecting the type of concrete, its place of application should be taken into account. Depending on its purpose, we can choose concrete for the floor, stairs or foundations. Individual types of concrete may vary in composition, proportions, as well as strength and other properties. In order for the construction element to be made correctly and permanently, it is important to use the highest quality products. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the types of concrete and the description of their applications, along with the appropriate products recommended by us.

Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood offers a wide range of products - many types of concrete, which allows a great deal of freedom in choosing the right concrete depending on the application.

  • Residential buildings
  • Utility room
  • basements
  • driveways
  • floors
  • Peeling and rings
  • Foundations and grounds for: - buildings - garages - orangery - raccoon - commercial and service units

We deliver concrete mixes all year round. At really low temperatures, these concrete stores have the advantage of hot water, allowing concreting all year round.

We have a fleet of 8 trucks with cubic agitators, 6 cube mixers and 4 cubic meters of "mix mix". Thanks to this we are prepared for various situations and problems with access to the area. In exceptional situations of lack of access to the location we use ground pumps and pumps with a length of 20 meters.

About us

Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood company realizes high quality standards for the standard of concrete production marked with the EN 206 mark. Our company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We are a company with many years of experience. We use innovative solutions in production, which allows us to use competitive prices.

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