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Our team will adapt the order to your requirements. The order will be made in accordance with the BS EN 206 standard.

The wide range of products allows easy adaptation to the needs of the recipient, while maintaining the requirements of existing standards and high quality. Our mixes are characterized by very good compactability and high early load capacity, which allows quick transition to the next stage of construction. Attractive prices and the aforementioned properties of our mixtures guarantee optimization of construction costs and no problems when receiving the investment. Choose Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood

The best way to get the exact delivery time is by calling 01438 420 190


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Ready Mix Concrete Brentwood company realizes high quality standards for the standard of concrete production marked with the EN 206 mark. Our company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We are a company with many years of experience. We use innovative solutions in production, which allows us to use competitive prices.

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